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53ft Trailers Haul More

We specialize in shipping freight via flatbed and dry van cargo and if it fits on our platform, a 53 ft. aluminum trailer, we’ll haul it! We like to run 53 ft. trailers because they allow for bigger product loads, but Keim TS also offers a variety of other types of trailers.

Keim TS runs a higher trailer to tractor ratio than other flatbed carriers and our customers appreciate that advantage. Our trailer to tractor ratio is 2-to1 so one of our trailers can be left at a customer location and when picked up by a Keim TS driver another can be dropped off, creating a seamless transition.

We are known for our reliability and take great pride in having the newest and most up-to-date equipment. That’s why we employ new Kenworth trucks, and then replace them every 2 to 3 years, and our trucks are carefully maintained by our experienced and knowledgeable mechanics. This means we can ensure your goods are picked up and carried to the end destination safely and efficiently.

Reliable and On Time Since 1955

Since its beginning, in 1955, Keim TS has gained a well-deserved reputation of getting products where they need to be reliably, efficiently and on time. With over 50,000 loads per year to the lower 48 states that has required solid business practices and attention to detail.

Years of hard work and measured growth has paid off in customer satisfaction. Keim TS is proud to be a four-year recipient of the Lowe’s Service Award.

SmartWay Certified

SmartWay is a partnership between the EPA and the freight industry designed to improve fuel efficiency, reduce air pollution and encourage supply chain sustainability. Since its inception, in Feb. 2004, SmartWay Partners have collectively saved 50 million barrels of oil and $6.1 billion in fuel costs.

We at Keim TS are proud to be SmartWay certified and a SmartWay Transport Partner and we assess our operations for fuel consumption, carbon footprint, fuel efficiency and our emission reduction on an annual basis.

Competitive Pricing

We offer reliability, safety, personal service and competitive pricing.

For a price quote on your next haul, contact Milt Steward, Sales Director, at (800) 255-2450 ext. 319 or email Milt at:

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